The Car Monsters

Meet the Monsters

Most people keep things in their cars. Some people keep CDs or cassettes;  some people keep breath mints and coins. Other people keep maps and extra sweaters, jumper cables and first aid kits, books and blankets in their cars.

But, once upon a time, in a non-descript suburb, there was a happy married couple who had monsters in their car. There were three monsters living in the car and they were quite happy. They had everything they needed there: bits of food, coins and pocket lint, a nerf soccer ball, a blanket, some maps, used gum and the most comfortable chairs. All in all, the monsters were very happy.


When Monsters get bored

One day, one of the car monsters (his name is impossible for humans to pronounce, so we will call him Biff) woke up feeling itchy. Now, this was not the kind of itch you get from a mosquito bite. Rather, it was the restless and uncomfortable kind of itch you get when you feel like something is missing from your life. Since monsters are not very self-aware, Biff did not really understand the source of his itch. He just knew he was unhappy. So, in true monster fashion, he leaned over and pinched another monster (who we will call Orville, which is about 7 times shorter than his real name) and poked Neddivus (which you may think is an odd name, but which is much easier than his given monster monicker).

Orville and Neddivus grumbled when Biff pinched and poked them and they each promptly kicked him. A monster ruckus ensued. Now, a monster ruckus is not a pretty thing. Bits of fur, toenail and monster spit flew everywhere until they all collapsed into the cup holders out of exhaustion.

"Huff, huff, huff," Orville snorted, trying to catch his breath. "Grrrrrrrrrr," growled Neddivus. Biff let out a big sigh. "I think I am bored."


Now what?

Orville sat up straight. He brushed off the fur on his chest. He paused to eat a sticky piece of candy that had gotten stuck between his toes. "When people are bored, they watch TV. We need to get Biff a TV!"



And, then what happened? Well, you'll just have to check back next week to find out!