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Ann’s super yummy and fairly healthy pumpkin bread A basic pumpkin spice bread, moist and delicious

Apple pie filling

Basic filling for a classic 9 inch apple pie
Barebottom cheesecake From a defunct restaurant, called the Sheepshead in Iowa City, Iowa
Chocolate Dip Cookies An oatmeal shortbread cookie, dipped in semi-sweet chocolate. A family favorite.
Fresh Fruit Tart A delicious glazed fruit tart with a cookie crust
Frosted Ginger Creams An easy-to-work with cut-out ginger cookie. Delicious and a great cookie to make with kids!
Ghee Pie Crust A whole wheat pie crust made with clarified butter...
Ginger snaps A classic ginger cookie
Golden fruitcake Grandma's famous fruitcake recipe

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

A chewy and delicious chocolate chip cookie with the whole grain addition of oatmeal
Oatmeal cookies A super quick and chewy oatmeal cookie.
Peanut butter cookies The best peanut butter cookie recipe ever
Pie crust / Pie pastry Recipes for shortening and oil pie pastries
Pirok A russian pastry. Butter. Butter. Sugar. Butter. Fruit.
Rhubarb pie filling Tart and sweet rhubarb fills this classic midwestern pie.
Snowballs A powdered sugar coated butter cookie, often called russian tea cakes or mexican wedding cookies.
Spiced nuts Sugary spiced nuts, perfect for holiday trays or year round in salads.
Buffalo dipping sauce Meant for fried wings or drummettes but great with other things, too.

Secret peppercorn sauce

A delicious peppercorn sauce to serve with steak.
Soy ginger dipping sauce Good for dipping steak or chicken.


Hot wings, buffalo style (buffalo wings) Yum. These are the classic buffalo wings
Puff pastry appetizer/French sandwich recipe Puff pastry, cheese, salami all in a super yummy appetizer
Tamale Pie Lucy loves this. Ann thinks its yucky. Decide for yourself.
Easy slow cooker recipes Tips on crock pot cooking, and 3 super easy recipes.
Cottage Cheese Curry One of Lucy's specialties
Spinach lasagne (lasagna) A traditional lasagne, but vegetarian and with spinach.
Panir A soft indian cheese
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme An herbed vegetable dish, as well as an homage to Simon and Garfunkel